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Syllabus (As of August 15, ) Click here to download the syllabus (right-click to save to disk). Welcome to Comparative Law. Prof. Sungjoon Cho () [email protected] Rm. This is a survey course for comparative law. Course Outline and Reading Assignments for Comparative Law All reading packets and handouts for this course are posted to the course eLearning on CANVAS page. Unless otherwise expressly indicated, your readings come from Handout 1: Introduction to the Comparative Method (History and Philosophy of the Civil Law Tradition) for Spring that will be posted in the course Canvas page. Comparative Law, or more precisely the Comparative Method, allows you to understand law, legal transactions, legal problems, legal professionals and clients that are foreign to you. This is an especially useful tool for a Florida lawyer.

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Malavet Spring 2 credits Class Number Mondays comparative law outline to p. Room A. Approach this week. I will focus on the Dupont case, but I want you read the treaty case as well for our comparative law outline on Monday. We will then dedicate Wednesday to the rules that apply when the law of another country provides the substantive standard to resolve a disupte in U.

Unless comparative law outline indicated, all my sessions will take place during the third period: a. Period 1: a. Period 2: a. Period 3: a, comparative law outline. Page references will be to the assigned textbook, Principles of French Lawand to the Malavet Supplement, Handout no. Note that page references from the print edition are followed at the bottom of the reading pane on the Kindle edition, even though Kindle changes the pagination for ease of reading.

France Summer Program Malavet Syllabus Overview covering the program in general, my course design and grading, and an overview of my web and Canvas pages. Paris Safety Video a short warning about taking care of your property while travelling. I have also posted here the videos that I have asked our French colleagues to watch, comparative law outline, but the LCOL students do not need to watch these.

Current WebMail One. Fans FloridaGators. Professor Malavet Main Comparative Law. Chapter 10 Constitutional. Chapter 1 Intro. Chapter 2 US Cases. Chapter 3 Defining. Chapter 4 Hazards. Chapter 5 Education. Chapter 6 Professions. Chapter 7 Roman Law. Chapter 8 Canon Law. Chapter 9 Codification.


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comparative law outline


Comparative law is the study of differences and similarities between the law (legal systems) of different specifically, it involves the study of the different legal "systems" (or "families") in existence in the world, including the common law, the civil law, socialist law, Canon law, Jewish Law, Islamic law, Hindu law, and Chinese law. COMPARATIVE LAW1 Introduction and objectives: The conception and design of this course are aimed at: (i) acquainting the students with the comparative method in the study of law and (ii) exploring the possibilities of employing that method for the better understanding . APPENDIX A –DRAFT– THE COMPANY WE KEEP: COMPARATIVE LAW AND PRACTICE REGARDING THE DETENTION OF TERRORISM SUSPECTS. A W HITE P APER. OF THE WORKING GROUP ON DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL A Project of .